So what does the process of starting therapy with Bloom look like?

An Intake is the required first step for all clients before sessions begin… These are the first two initial appointments which are 45 minutes each (1st session is a Parent interview (no child); second is a parent-child interview) where critical information is gathered! 

After our Intake Session, we look to really focus on building a relationship with our clients. This can take time! We are often asked about the frequency of our meetings. It is important we meet weekly initially to get to know one another. Around the 4th or 5th session we will create what is called a “Treatment Plan”. This will include really specific goals for our work together, which might be short term or long term goals, depending on your needs. These plans are updated at least every 3 months (or more frequently if needed). We work together until we feel goals are met and as we reach those goals, the frequency of our meeting usually declines to maybe once every other week or once a month.

As we said, this is a process and it is definitely not linear so we may circle back to things and the frequency of our sessions may increase after initially decreasing (side note: progress is still being made if frequency returns to weekly, we just need more time together to work through things!). 

As for working with children/families, there is a family component obviously to our work. Parents, caregivers, legal guardians – you are your child’s forever people and we are not here to replace you but to provide you with tools! With that being said, you will be joining us approximately once a month (possibly more frequently) to discuss what you’re seeing, what’s working and how we can support you in your relationship with your child.

**We currently have openings for either in-person or virtual therapy!**

Let’s replace attention seeking with connection seeking.

All of the therapy I provide is generally process-based not product-based, meaning we are focusing on what is happening in the moment (i.e what is being said, created, played).

I am currently the only provider north of NYC who is rostered to do Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) which is an 18-month long intensive training combining play therapy and talk therapy together to process trauma in children.

There are different benefits for each modality and they are often used in conjunction with one another with my younger clients and their families.

Our therapy modalities:

Psychotherapy is your traditional “talk therapy”, however I do take a more humanistic approach that is family centered, attachment based and has a trauma-focused lens as this is how I’ve been trained. I focus on our therapeutic relationship, consider how other relationships have impacted you, and want to follow your lead in the work/discussions.

Art therapy means we utilize different art materials based on the client, their need and what is appropriate (age wise and material wise) to do our work to explore different emotions and help jump start discussions that maybe we can’t access or aren’t ready to access without this creative outlet. 

Play therapy means we utilize different play materials to role play, recreate stories, practice reframes  all with specific play materials and goals in mind. (i.e. family dynamics via house play, interpersonal relationships or self confidence via superhero play)

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