Have questions? Here are some of the most frequently asked!

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately we are not paneled with insurance but we can provide you with a monthly superbill which you then submit to insurance for possible reimbursement. *Please know in order to submit a superbill a diagnosis for the identified client is needed*

So how much will therapy cost?

The intake is a one time fee of $200, session cost thereafter depends on length. All clients start at 45 minute sessions which cost $125 and if needed, (particularly for family sessions) 1 hour sessions are $150. **Many of our current clients are reimbursed something through their insurance when they submit their superbills**

Will you work with my child’s school?

If the legal guardian signs a Release of Information allowing us to work with school, we absolutely can. This can really benefit your child especially if similar concerns are being reported both in school and at home. We can then work as a team to use the same language and tools to support growth. We can even support you and your child at IEP or 504 meetings if requested.




The Invisible String
by Patrice Karst
(Attachment, Separation Anxiety)

The Kissing Hand
by Audrey Penn, Ruth E. Harper, and Nancy M. Leak
(Attachment, Separation Anxiety)

You Go Away
by Dorothy Corey
(Attachment, Separation Anxiety)

The Runaway Bunny
​by Margaret Wise Brown
(Attachment, Separation Anxiety)

When I Miss You
by Cornelia Maude Spelman
(Feelings, Separation Anxiety)

Don’t Forget To Come Back
by Robie Harris
(Attachment, Separation Anxiety)

Tear Soup
by Chuck DeKlyen & Pat Schwiebert

The Body Keeps the Score
by Bessel van der Kolk

Getting Through the Day
by Nancy Napier

Lifetimes: The Beautiful Way to
Explain Death to Children
by Bryan Mellonie

I am Peace
by Susan Verde

Listening to My Body
by Gabi Garcia
(Emotion Regulation)

Apps + Games

Taking Feeling Doing Game
(Board game for Feeling Identification)

Emoji Uno
(act out each emoji as you play!)

Superhero Strengths Flashcard Game
(ages 2-6, coping skills, 
feeling identification and role play!)

Calm App
there is a free and upgraded version for $4.99)

Mindfulness for Children App
(not just for 
children; there is a free and upgraded version for $4.99)

(free limited access 
version, can be upgraded)

Stop, Breathe and Think App
family guided mediations; there is a free and upgraded version for $4.99)

Positive Penguins App
(great for kids who are strong readers and types to consider other perspectives/$0.99)

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