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Created in 2018, Bloom. Creative Arts Therapy Services is committed to providing quality mental health support with your child and family in mind. Bloom offers a human-centered approach through a combination of art-therapy, play-therapy and talk-therapy services.

Bloom also offers unique opportunities to meet clients within the community such as in crowded places, at local coffee shops, or schools which can be especially helpful for exposure to minimize and eliminate anxiety.

Bloom is focused on early intervention and providing trauma-informed treatment to:

– Increase self-awareness & self-esteem
– Enhance coping strategies
– Implement emotion regulation skills for stress, anger, anxiety and depression
– Build social supports including family support through family therapy
– Collaborate with other providers such as school, doctors, psychiatrists, NP’s, etc for wraparound support

Soooo you’re thinking about getting a therapist?

What a great idea! I wish we thought about therapy the same way we think of other self-care activities (i.e. the gym!?) Maintenance is key. We need to take care of ourselves in so many ways; therapy is just one of them (and not just for crisis situations). Let’s get started  together so if/when a crisis situation arises you are ready and able.

We need to understand ourselves, the relationships we are in (family, parents, friends, etc), practice effective communication, and learn how to both identify and regulate our emotions.

Making art, playing or talking through it is how we’ll get there. Maybe a parent, child or partner will even join. Whatever you need, we are here to support you, your child or your family.

When you’re in a dark place, you sometimes tend to think you’ve been buried. 

Perhaps you’ve been planted. Bloom.

How can we support you?

Individual Therapy

These sessions focus on individual client needs such as anxiety, depression, school refusal, peer conflict, family conflict, emotion regulation and so much more. In these sessions, therapists are here to be empathetic, active listeners who provide support and new skills to alleviate symptoms.

Sessions can range 30 min to one hour depending on client need which is discussed after the intake session.

Family Therapy

This may be dyadic (parent & child), full family system, or sibling work. Here we focus on strengthening the parent-child and/or sibling relationship(s), improving communication, exploring the power of modeling, discussing and implementing consistent responses, learning new problem solving skills and how to mitigate power struggles.

Depending on the client, need, or appropriateness, this may be via art, play or talk. These sessions take 1-1.5 hours to complete.

Parent Support Counseling

Parenting can be hard! Here we provide a space for the parent(s) to get some support, validation, and learn new coping skills to manage difficult situations and feelings that you can then model to your child.

There is often role-play involved in these sessions as well as some individual parenting work to better understanding learned family responses, how families manage different emotions and how this then translates to communication with your child and others.

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